questions Campfire Audio Orion + Housse de remplacement

Maciej 20 janvier 2021
Contains of the box

Hello, can you let me know if this particular sample contains the earphones, the cable the pouch and all the accessories please? Or is this without the cable? Thanks Maciej

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kate.harvey 22 janvier 2021

This article includes the Campfire Audio Orion earphones, a 3.5mm jack to MMCX Litz cable, a set of nine ear tips and a canvas case.

Carloss 23 janvier 2021
Different Orion versions?

Wondering what is the difference between this Orion and the other Orion you are selling for a higher price? Different versions? Merci!

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clement.guillaume 25 janvier 2021

The Campfire Audio Orion + Housse de remplacement are the exact same IEMs, the only difference is that they come with an extra carrying case.

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